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1 July 2015 RHB Investment Bank Berhad is offering eight (8) new Local and Foreign Call Warrants TODAY, 1 July 2015 (AIRASIAC22, DRBHCOMC14, PRESBHD-CB, TAGB-CB, LENOVO-C2, TENCENT-C4, APPLE-C14 and INTEL-C1) by way of Market Making. No initial placement will be made.
Listing Date: 2 July 2015
Please CLICK HERE for details..
23 June 2015 Please take note of the upcoming stock market holidays:
 Date  Holiday  Exchange  Trading Hours  Resume Business
 1 July (Wed)  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day  HKEx  Closed (Full Day)  2 July (Thur)
 3 July (Fri)*  Independence Day  NYSE
 Closed (Full Day)  6 July (Mon)
 16 July (Thur)  Eve of Hari Raya Puasa  KLSE  Half Day Trading (PM)  20 July (Mon)
 17 July (Fri)  Hari Raya Puasa  KLSE
 Closed (Full Day)  20 July (Mon)
*US Independence Day falls on Saturday, 4 July but is observed on Friday, 3 July. Our Call Centre will be operating from 8am till 6pm on Friday, 3 July and resume operations at 8am on Monday, 6 July.
17 June 2015 NOTICE TO HOTMAIL USERS: OSK188 customers who are using Hotmail email accounts are currently not able to receive the system-generated temporary password email from OSK188. To resolve this issue, affected customers are advised to add support@osk188.com to the ‘safe senders’ under Hotmail settings page in order to receive the temporary password email. Please CLICK HERE for the step-by-step guide to do this.
20 April 2015 Customers who access OSK188 via Google Chrome browser (on latest version 42) may face difficulties when loading the page with price feed. To tackle this issue, kindly CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide.
24/03/2015 Please be informed that your transaction costs and charges will be subject to Goods and Services Tax ("GST") form 1 April 2015, unless stated otherwise. For more information on our list of fees with GST treatment, please visit our website here
24/03/2015 IMPORTANT: Please read how safeguarding of client’s monies directive affects you. Click here.
05/03/2015 Please note that US Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday, 8 March 2015. All US Exchanges will commence trading at 9.30pm (MYT) to reflect this change
19/01/2015 Please note that Singapore Exchange (SGX) has reduced the standard board lot size of securities listed on SGX from 1,000 to 100 units from 19 January 2015. Existing counters with board lot sizes of 100 or less units will remain unchanged. Click HERE for the full announcement.
3/12/2014 Singapore Exchange (SGX) announces that the securities market will start continuous trading at 1230 hrs on 3rd December 2014, with the pre-open routine at 1200 hrs.
Risk Disclosure Please note that under Bursa Malaysia Rule 5.16 (2), clients who want to trade Structured Warrants are required to fill up the "Structured Warrants Risk Disclosure Statement" and thereafter to submit to Operations Department for further processing. Please click here to download the form.
Corporate Announcements Please click here for foreign stocks’ corporate announcements.
Asia \ World INDICES
Indices Last Chg
Jakarta 4910.66 0.00
Korea 2077.48 3.28
NIKKEI225 20263.94 28.21
Philippines 7564.50 0.00
SSE B 431.85 0.00
SZSE B 1462.21 0.00
Taiwan 9329.57 6.55
Thailand 1504.55 -6.64
Delay at least 15 mins
Indices Last Chg
DAX 10944.97 -138.23
DJIA 17619.51 23.16
NASDAQ 4986.87 28.40
NIKKEI225 20263.94 28.21
S & P 500 2063.12 5.48
Delay at least 15 mins
 Currency Sell TT Buy TT
  1 USD 3.8430 3.7190
  1 SGD 2.8710 2.7420
  1 AUD 2.9710 2.8300
  1 GBP 6.0460 5.8450
  1 EUR 4.3190 4.1490
  1 NZD 2.6500 2.5060
  100 JPY 3.1560 3.0010
  100 HKD 50.3600 47.1900
  100 IDR 0.0299 0.0260
  1 CAD 3.1160 2.9720
  100 CNY 62.0900 59.7100
  1 CHF 4.1690 3.9880
  100 THB 12.0100 10.4200
30-Jun-2015 08:45 AM   Disclaimer
Please call your Dealer's Representative for a real-time quote
Contract Last Chg
FKLI-SPOT 1,725.50 26.0
FKLI-NEXT 1,722.00 22.5
FCPO-JUL15 2,224.00 0.0
FCPO-AUG15 2,228.00 0.0
FCPO-SEP15 2,229.00 0.0
FCPO-OCT15 2,231.00 0.0
01-Jul-2015 09:49 AM