OSK Investment Bank Berhad is now legally merged with RHB Investment Bank Berhad, and will henceforth be referred to as the previously known OSK Investment Bank Berhad. Moving forward, the merged entity will be known as RHB Investment Bank Berhad.

This new stronger entity will be a benefit to the customer with more features and a wider network of delivery.

Some of the common questions you may have regarding the merged entity are addressed here. If you require further assistance, please do contact us at our Call Centre at +603-2071 9000 operational from Monday 8am to Saturday 5am.
Will Online Funds Transfer facility still be available?

To settle my trades, I normally bank in straight to the bank account designated by the previously known OSK Investment Bank Berhad. Do I continue doing so or will there be new bank accounts allocated?

What are the charges applicable on contra deals for local and foreign trades?

Is there any change to the OSK Nominees’ name?