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 OSK188 Call Centre
 OSK188 Call Centre
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OSK188 User Guide 
OSK188 is a powerful investing tool in your hands, crafted for online traders. Start your investment journey by learning and using all the facilities that are available. Click on any of the following quick guides to get you started.

This user-friendly website allows you to trade on Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEx, AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ.

Comprehensive research reports and analysis for you to make your next investment choice.

Detailed company information and financial reports as well as compare the historical performance of stocks.

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  188OMS User Guide

An application version of OSK188 that features quality financial tools and information for trading on Bursa Malaysia.

Utilise the Technical Analysis Charting to analyse stock movements and strategies.

Make well-informed decisions with in-depth company information and financial reports.

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188Mobile User Guide

Ideal for users who are constantly on the go.

Simple interface and navigation for trading on Bursa Malaysia.

Access to live equity prices.

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  Global Trading User Guide

OSK188 Global Trading System (GTS) is an online share trading system which allows you to trade in multi-markets for foreign shares through the internet at your own convenience, at any time and from any location.

OSK188 GTS’s services include realtime price quotes and tracking for some markets, latest financial news and in-depth market commentaries to facilitate your investment decisions in the following exchanges - SGX, HKEx, NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX.

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