System Requirements
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  1. What system requirements do I need to access OSK188’s services?
    You just have to log on to the Internet via a personal computer or a notebook using Internet Explorer 5.0 and above for maximum security and best performance.

  2. Every time I try to login I get bounced back to the login page. Why?
    Our site uses a unique identifier to authenticate you. This identifier is called a "cookie". If you do not have a cookie-enabled browser, or you reject the cookie, the login will fail.

  3. There was an error while I was trying to view one of the Real-time applets. Why?
    Some features within require that your browser be able to read Java and Javascript. Such features include Real-time, Market Snapshots and Stock Search. The current versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer both have this capability. If you are looking at a Stock on one of these browsers and you still cannot see a Java or Javascript application, that option might be turned off in your browser.

  4. I am getting an old home page. Why?
    This occurs when your browser is reading the web page from cache, rather than from our web site. Clearing your cache (and setting the browser to cache for newer versions of pages every time you visit the page) will ensure that you get the newest content every time you visit our web site. To clear your cache and change your browser settings, follow the instruction below :


    - Microsoft Internet Explorer Click Tool > Internet Options.
    Click the General Tab and click Delete.
    A dialog box will come out and make sure that Temporary Internet FIles, Cookies, and History are being ticked.
    After that, click Delete.